Welcome To My Shattered Mind


A Shattered Mind Observed

There is a great, black, vacuous space. Within this darkened void lies all manner of gaseous forms and material substances endlessly swirling in a constant state of both perfect chaos and immaculate harmony. But even the most vividly descriptive imagery can only at best scratch the surface of such a mysteriously complicated thing. Such is the vain attempt to accurately depict the sheer complexity of a person within a paragraph. I can never fully express all that I am through this one tiny window, for just as the Universe must be experienced in order to be fully understood, so must I. Let this little glimpse into my world be the first of many, and to those who choose to read, I say welcome to my shattered mind.

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  1. I see poise in this blog, unlike the many of many charlatans - say I'm harsh - and I like poise. I'll give myself a tour. :)