Monday, August 12, 2013

The Butterfly's Story

The Butterfly's Story

Once my swallowtail did confess
That which had caused her much distress
That which had tossed her into the storm
That which had left her beaten, tattered and torn

'Twas a masked spider she did state
That stole away her heart and her soul it ate
Her mind it wrapped in a liar's snare
Her body it trapped within its darkened lair

Alone she hung there fixed in fear
Alone she hung for eight and one years
Alone she hung a shell well worn
Depleted she was tossed amidst the storm

Beneath the heavy rain she did find
New sorrow and pain most unkind
There she fought for four long seasons
Raped of logic and stripped of reason

Amidst the lightning and thunderous crescendo
She did behold a lonely window
On which she thought to rest her wings
To dry a bit and perchance to sing

In time she had found her past to be
A chaotic storm which had led her to me
Though her spirit which by the spider was drained
She found through me her hope regained

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2013

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