Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Of The Broken Path And The Vast Sea Beyond It

The Broken Path And The Vast Sea Beyond It

As I stumble to my feet my eyes drift upward to find the comfort of the Sun.
The smell of salt fills the air.
The ocean beckons.
How long have I traveled?
How many times have I fallen to my knees?
How many scars can attest to my resilience?
I turn to behold my trek.
It is a long and winding path broken, and it is wrought with destruction.
Many deaths have I faced.
Many battles have I won.
Perhaps if I were to sift through the rubble I might find a memory or two,
But I haven't the time.
I am nearing my journey's end.
The beach is desolate and serene.
The ocean is vast, and I am weary.
A voice emerges from the wind.
"So, you've arrived at your destination, have you?"
The voice asks.
"Look there, beyond the sea, The Sun is just setting over the horizon."
The voice states.
"Do you truly entertain the thought that this tiny moment of peace signifies the end of your voyage?"
The voice mocks me.
"You've walked the broken path, indeed, but the ocean brings with it new hardships."
The voice continues.
"You've fought so hard and you've been so adamant about reaching your destination."
I listen intently.
"You must now face the merciless depths... A task which you are not prepared for."
I fall to my knees in grief.
"Steel yourself! know that the ever-distant horizon is your true goal."
I stare at the warm, blue sky as it melts into shades of red.
"The ocean will send consecutive waves of infinite possibilities upon your head."
The voice fades off into the sea.
"Remember... The destination is of no importance... It is the quest that holds the true message."
I stand to my feet.
Overwhelmed, I peer out into the blue darkness.
I turn to the broken path.
I have endured much,
Yet I still live.
I shall endure much more.
I turn back to the ocean.
I slowly submerge.
"Steel yourself."
I hear the voice say.
I am not prepared for the horrors that lurk in the depths below,
But I will perish in the dark abyss with the knowledge that I possess no fear.

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2011

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