Monday, August 12, 2013

Romancing The Sea

Romancing The Sea

We set sail, for our seeds must be sown
Never mind the skills we've yet to hone
Our chests show pride
But it serves only to hide
The fear of her vast unknown

Adrift, we ponder
What lies yonder?
Across her waters deep?
We've no way to foretell
What lies beyond is hell
And our hearts, a devil means to keep

The fog, how it looms
An omen of doom
For those who would heed its warning
Curiosity reigns
We've lightning in our veins
We'll have tamed our goddess come morning

The moon glistens high
As she reflects the sky
The image is remarkably stunning
As the clouds slowly gather
We pray to our masters
That the storm she commands isn't coming

The thunder, it crashes
The lightning, it gashes
Our vessel is set ablaze
With courage, we'd vowed
To chain ourselves to the bow
We'll not be tossed by her waves

The ship has succumbed
Nothing more can be done
We'd best make a swim for our lives
But what horrors we've found
The chains to which we're bound
Drag us under as our hope is capsized

Weep not for us all
For you too shall be called
No man can resist the fever
With her infinite beauty
The sea will seduce you
And no man shall ever leave her

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2011

Ship in Storm

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