Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Of Obsolete Relics And The Illusion Of Progress

I grow so very tired of the elderly and their ever-adamant, albeit quite erroneous belief that morality only exists in the past tense. This empty claim holds no truth and affirms nothing but the fact that they are either unwilling or incapable of adapting to the changing of the times. Morality, as with all things, is relative to the massively accepted opinions on the subject within the time frame of the inspection. For instance while same-sex marriage was deemed immoral at one time, it is now considered immoral to deny an individual their basic human rights based solely on their sexual preferences. To insist that all that is good in the world existed only in one's own time period is ridiculous indeed. Advocates of the WWII era love to speak of a much more sound world with morals and standards which have greatly fallen today. I wonder if the persecuted Jewish people would feel the same were they alive today to protest. What of the African Americans forced to take a literal backseat due to the color of their skin? Would they share the same opinions of morality in the past? Thinking such as this is proof that these individuals have indeed outlived their usefulness in today's society. I must mention that most of the relics found spewing such ignorance are also themselves advocates of such "moral" behavior as racism and hypocrisy. It is a sad day for humanity when mankind seeks to justify such atrocities.

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