Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Monster Beyond The Darkness

The Monster Beyond The Darkness

There's a monster that lurks
Planning its works 
Shrouded by a sea of masks
Hidden from sight
In places void of all light 
Protected by the past 

Deep in its lair
No soul is aware 
Of the evil it commits
Beneath its kingly guise 
It is safe from all who would surmise 
That on this throne a demon sits 

Safe out of sight 
Escaping into the night
It freely spins its webs
Deception and lies
In the shadows it hides 
Where hunger never ebbs 

Through the glass mirror
Its image is made clearer 
This creature knows that I see
With eyes filled with great darkness 
It peers with black starkness 
This creature dwells within me

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2011


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