Monday, August 12, 2013

My Adversary

My Adversary

My adversary, how I loath thee
You hound me fiercely with no reprieve
You steal my peace with no remorse
You capture my thoughts with unyielding force

When I drift into peaceful slumber
You lie in wait, my dreams you plunder
You tear away my starry night
And fill my skies with crippling fright

Each night my chest will wax and wain
Oh adversary, what do you gain?
My heart pounds quickly beneath my flesh
I'm arrested in panic at your behest

Away from you, I long to be
Somewhere calm, by the sea
Where waves that crash upon the shore
Cleanse my mind forevermore

Away from you I cannot be
For I am you, and you are me
You were born from fear, you see
Enemy, thy name is anxiety

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2010

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