Sunday, August 18, 2013

Of The Walk Of Life And The Casualties Of Stepping

Today my swallowtail, her young ones, and I were strolling down the long, overgrown path which stretched the length of the wide creek behind our home. As we were walking through the tall grass her youngest one compassionately stated that we should all be quite careful and mindful of where we were stepping lest we were to walk on the many infinitesimal insects which scattered beneath us as we trudged on. Needless to say I had no intentions of traversing such a long, grassy path while simultaneously paying attention to my every step, so I logically replied that one cannot hope to negotiate such a thick area without crushing a few tiny creatures in the process. Hearing this my swallowtail turned to me and cleverly paraphrased my mediocre reply by stating that it could indeed be applied, in a philosophical sense, to life in general. This excited us both as we are forever searching for inspiration for our blogs and social networking posts. The more I thought on this matter, the more I began to see the very clear applications of such an obvious concept. If a man were to spend all of his life taking great, painstaking care not to disturb or disrupt the world around him he would most assuredly miss his own life due to him not wishing to precipitate discord among his surroundings. I urge you to look upon your own life and ask yourself if you are indeed allowing yourself to remain where you are for fear of what harm your feet may cause. If my query finds you treading slowly upon the long, grassy path of life carefully scanning the ground before you move, I implore you to kick up your feet and focus instead upon the horizon ahead of you. I am not suggesting that one should feel free to trample along through life stepping on whomever they wish, but one simply cannot experience all that life has to offer when one's key concern is how their movements will effect others.


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