Monday, August 12, 2013

The Butterfly's Gift

The Butterfly's Gift

What can I say of this generous gift?
For my smile it did find and my brow it did lift
My heart it did tune to a love and a laugh
To my soul it did sing, for from your spring it did tap

In my lungs it did find a way to exhale
The worry and strife of which my past did entail
For much grief and fault my heart did possess
But my demons did vanish when my flaws it addressed

In death I awaited some life to behold
My face slowly withered and my spirit waxed old
From death I awoke to a warm summer sun
'Neath skies of hope I did lay, In fields of love I did run

If doubt you do harbor in your deepest of thought
Of the light you did bear and the path you have wrought
Worry not little swallowtail for verily I state
'Tis a beacon, your gift, and the darkness abates

Curiosities abound in your head I am certain
What gift do I hide 'neath this poetic curtain?
Forgive my dramatics and my lack of clear brevity
You should know my dear madame, thy gift is sweet levity

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2013

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