Monday, August 19, 2013

Thieves In The Night

Thieves In The Night

I arose late one night
My wife filled with fright
Her wails, I could not endure
She swore that someone was turning the doorknob
She swore someone was at the front door

I saw in her face
Some terrible trace
That her fears might not be conjecture
I walked to the door
Gave a tug at the lock
Preparing myself for a lecture

No speech did I hear
Frozen in fear
My wife gave an unsettling gasp
Her voice had gone thin
No sound from within
Nothing more than a leathery rasp

The door was flung open
Not a soul I found stirring
I sighed with renewing relief
She'd stayed up too late
Her mind was unraveling
THIS was my firm belief

As I turned from the door
I fell to the floor
Surprised by what I did see
My good lady wife
Run through with a knife
Blood soaking her gown to her feet

I lunged a fist forward
But caught only air
As the murderous form disappeared
I looked on in horror
My wife lay there bleeding
Her death drawing all the more near

 I fell to my knees
My hands in my face
Stricken with terrible woe
My good lady wife reappeared, sweetly staring
As if it had all been a show

She said, Husband dear,
Do you not remember?
What happened on this fateful night?
As I was run through,
It happened also to you
Not one, but two thieves were the cause of this plight

My back to the door
My wife did implore
Now listen, we haven't much time
Fifty years have gone by
Yet still you deny
You died right here by my side

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2011

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