Monday, August 12, 2013



I drift to sleep and you are there
The yellow Sun glistens through your auburn hair
The light, how it dances in your emerald eyes
With every breath you take, my lungs capsize

Your lips, how they glimmer, moist for a kiss
Oh dear angel, how could I have been so remiss?
How gracefully you move as the ground begs for your steps
You whisper sweet nothings and my thoughts, you intercept

Reality calls and I'm brought back to life
To a world filled with misery and suffering and strife
Your Ghost haunts my halls
You flicker and fade
For one gentle touch, my heart I would trade

Your eyes are pitch black
Your hair has turned white
Your touch is ice cold
Your heavy chains rattle as you drag them in the night

My reveries are memories frozen in time
In my slumber I desperately attempt to rewind
To days filled with joy and hope overflowing
You've left me here bearing the burden of knowing
That never again shall I touch your sweet face
If only this hell my dreams could replace

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2011

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