Monday, August 12, 2013

The Butterfly's Worry

The Butterfly's Worry

Alone and weeping one day I did find
My swallowtail bound within chains she did bind
Her heart and soul she did herself tear asunder
'Neath the influence of anxiety she was held tightly under

With tattered wings filled with doubt she did tiresomely worry
Of turbulent winds and insurmountable flurries
Of things left undone and life left unfinished
Of comfort which was lost and of love which had diminished

My hand I did extend as she did solemnly weep
My assurance to her 'twas my heart she did keep
My intent I did affirm to her with a kiss
My love I did express lest I were to be remiss

Of her fears she did speak and of her worries she did confess
Of her pain and her sorrows she did rightly profess
'Twas her mind that had caused her to dread the unknown
'Twas her past which had caused the dread to which she was prone

To flight she did take and my shoulder she did find
To comfort her soul and to rest her worrisome mind
Immense gratitude and love she did verily convey
For the shelter I did offer and the place she did lay

Her worry did vanish and hope in its place
Found a new home in her warm, loving face
My message is clear to those who would see it
Life is not the destination but the journey to meet it

If love you do possess on this very day
Worry not of the future and the toll you must pay
For life is ever fleeting and the sands ever pour
Time is ever hastened and once it is gone, there is no more

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2013

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