Friday, September 6, 2013

The Butterfly's Bond

The Butterfly's Bond

Once I dreamt of a bond most strong
My swallowtail and I were enveloped in song
Her head was softly adorned with Gaia's embrace
Her frail wings they were bathed in blue and gold lace

We stood 'neath the waters in a grand crystal hall
where translucent shadowed water around us did fall
And life it did run through the fountains so clear
And love it did joyfully play as music to hear

The creatures they gathered 'round the great filling feast
Where they sat 'round the table both the greatest and the least
They raised up their glasses and shouted strong toasts
And then my love for my butterfly to them I did boast

My swallowtail peered in my eyes so intently
Then I bowed to her and kissed her sweet hand ever so gently
We walked 'neath the moon where it hung betwixt the stars
And we danced on the floor which moved like a mirage from afar

The band they did play the most romantic of tunes
My love she did sway as we spun 'round the room
she kissed me so sweetly and lit up my eyes
And my heart how it burst as her passionate gaze to me did lovingly rise

We stood on the platform of red velvet cloth
And sweet words were whispered by the grey old world moth
And the ring which was plucked from the deep of the fabled lovers cove
Was placed on the sweet finger of my lover betrothed

We walked hand in hand as the guests did disperse and scatter
And we bid final farewell to the March Hare, The Door Mouse, and The Hatter
We walked 'neath the stars and the moonbeam downpour
And we faded into the light to be joined forevermore

By Justin Huskey Copyright 2013

Mixed Marriage - A Hemlock Tree, A Birch Tree and a Swallowtail Butterfly by C. Frederick Lawrenson

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